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Cash Management

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Cash Management

As a responsible security agency, we know the needs of clients

Cash Management

Surveillance and Security for Financial Institutions.

Banks are a specific segment that require special services besides the usual guarding and surveillance services. Pioneer Security provides range of services to its esteemed clients :

  • CIT (Cash-In-Transit) Operations
  • Branches & ATM Guarding
  • ICMC (Integrated Currency Management Chest) Operations
    • Guarding of ICMC
    • Cash Assistant & Cash Peons
    • Gold / Valuables Movement CIT Operations
  • Collection or Deposit of cash from multiple sources viz To and/or from the Reserve Bank of India Currency Chest/ Other Banks Bank Branch/Clients etc.
  • Intra City / Inter City branch transfer of cash.
  • Cash-in-transit being a specialized service and sensitive in operation, we provide a highly skilled team to ensure maximum safety of the crew and treasure during transit. We emphasize on the following :-
    • Driving skills of the driver.
    • The ability and preparedness of the vehicle to accelerate for a quick get away.
    • Maturity of the custodian in taking split second decisions.
    • Clear and precise instructions to the armed guards on the use of weapons.
    • Antecedent & Police Verification of crew.
    • Pioneer Security provides this service in various states with specific features such as bullet proof vehicles and GPS tracking facility. With over 50 vehicles across India, their movement is monitored at various levels for safe and secure operations.
    • We have our own site field officers and supervisors for efficient operations.
    • We also provide skilled and trained manpower for cash sorting, house-keeping services and bullion movement.

Banking & Insurance Clients :

Banking : Services being provided are as follows

  • Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Operations : Pioneer Security has been conducting CIT Operations at number of places like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai, . These operations are being provided to multiple clients. No. Of special features like GPS tracking and Bullet proofing are part and parcel of CIT vehicles. These operations are conducted within a city, city to city and from region to region.

    Crew members of the vehicles are specially trained with specific job roles assigned to them. All these movements are monitored at different levels for safe and secure conduct of operations.
  • Guarding Operations : We have been providing guarding operations to number of banks at all India level. For these services over and above security guards we also employ gunmen for security duties and we have our own supervisors and field officers who at micro level ensure that duties are performed in a desired manner
  • Housekeeping Operations : We have been providing Housekeeping services to multiple clients in the banking sector for the upkeep of their offices, Branches, ATM's and BPOs.