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Ports And Special Economic Zone

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Ports And Special Economic Zone

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An attack on any aspect of the maritime system, mainly major ports, can severely hamper trade and potentially affect the global economy. The security of ports and their deficiencies are numerous and leave ports vulnerable to terrorist attack. The vulnerabilities of our ports are many, leading to potential security breaches in almost all aspects of the container shipping industry.

The importance of the container shipping industry is equally matched by its vulnerabilities to terrorist attack. Cargo containers represent the largest area of concern in terms of security and vulnerability. The protection and security of the landside perimeter of a port is difficult due to their large size.

Internationally, port security is governed by rules issued by the International Maritime Organization and its 2002 International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, known as ISPS Code.

Pioneer Security abides by the letter and spirit of the ISPS Code and serves its clients with a professionally prepared integrated security plan in consultation with clients views. This effects in improving cooperation with the port operators, transporters, port supply chain, labour and agencies.

Pioneer Security provides a range of services with proven reliability meeting needs of the conventional and unique security aspects through an integrated approach.

Comprehensive guidelines for security and protection to the port is covered with situation analysis, threat assessments, guarding, surveillance, access control, entrance and exit monitoring, alarm monitoring, perimeter patrolling and protection from port area abuse.