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Retail Outfits

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Retail Outfits

As a responsible security agency, we know the needs of clients


Protecting the retail assets in shopping localities is big challenge. The movement is from vendor to stores, stores to floor, floor to shelves, shelves to check outs and check outs to customers.

Apart from sensible loss prevention designing Pioneer Security provides a wide array of security planning for shopping malls, car parks, fabulous displays and cash counters where theft perception is analysed and proper security cover is designed as per the needs of its clients.

Highly visible uniformed guards give reassurance to customers and act as deterrence to violent anti-social behavior. Pioneer Security understands the needs of the Retail Sector and its facilities which require and professional level of security planning for prevention and protection.

Comprehensive guidelines for security and protection to the Retail sector are covered with situation analysis, threat assessments, guarding, surveillance, access control, entrance and exit monitoring, alarm monitoring, perimeter patrolling and material abuse protection.